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New Orleans Ghost Tour

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Adult Ages 13-64
Child Ages 6-12
Infant Ages 0-2
Adult Discount AAA/Coupon rate

Indefinably Mystical New Orleans Ghost Tour

Since its beginning, New Orleans has been indefinably mystical. Our long and storied history has left residents from the past to walk among us — ghosts, spirits, and haunts that live in the most unsuspecting places. Join us on a ghost tour for an eerie evening walk through the dark edges of the historic and haunted French Quarter.

Stop at historic sites where ghosts live now and hear the spine-chilling tales of why souls in unrest remain among us. Hear stories of New Orleans’ tragic past:

  • The legacy of death and dying
  • Inhospitable surroundings
  • Merciless disease
  • The horrors of slavery
  • Savage piracy
  • Outrageous corruption
  • Mysterious nocturnal citizens

Drink in the history of the city as it’s woven through legendary stories of misfortune, disasters, and disease that have left ghosts and spirits walking among us on our old New Orleans streets. On this haunted tour of New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood, hear stories of the historical events and people and see the haunted sites. Learn the events that caused souls to remain among us, including gruesome deeds of the slave owners and the city’s most infamous and bloodthirsty.

Our New Orleans Walking Tours are always rooted in history and feature historically accurate storytelling. The ghost tour combines the ancient art of storytelling with historic research and documentation about ghosts and haunting in New Orleans. Unlike a theatrical fantasy tour relying on costumes and camp, we draw heavily on the drama of history. Discover interesting sites that you might otherwise pass without notice.