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These are the New Orleans tours you've heard about featured on A&E, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Sci Fi Channel, Fox Network, and recommended by The Travel Channel as... "THE #1 TOUR IN NEW ORLEANS....A MUST DO!" Mildly theatrical, hugely historical, and thoroughly entertaining, Haunted History Tours offers a variety of daily and nightly tours that will leave you SPELLBOUND!

Our famous French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour explores the grim and ghastly deeds of the old French Quarter. Escape into the past as our offbeat licensed guides provide you with an eerie yet fun-filled adventure.
Our Haunted Pub Crawl of the French Quarter combines some of our most infamous haunted locations along with the most haunted bars in the country for a perfect blend of Spirited Spirits! Hear the stories of murders and crimes of passion of Old New Orleans while sampling some of our most unique adult beverages made famous by some of the most notorious characters in our history.
Climb aboard our comfortable, air conditioned bus and escape into the darkness with your licensed guide as we take a ride to some of the most haunted locations outside of the French Quarter.
Ghosts, Vampires, Witches, Voodoo, & Unexplained Mysteries all together in one tour. Follow our licensed guides into the dark alleys and secret courtyards for the thrill tour like no other.
Our popular Cemetery History Tour is leisurely daytime stroll into St. Louis Cemetery # 1, our oldest City of the Dead. We will explore tomb architecture, burial procedures, and visit the tomb of New Orleans' most infamous Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau.
Explore the lavish Antebellum section of New Orleans that was the original city of Lafayette, our first American city. This elegant neighborhood was built in the 1800s to rival the beauty and splendor of the French Quarter.
Discover the legends, lore, & haunts of the historic Garden District, our American section. Hear the frightening tales ghostly manifestations, along with the legends and folklore that make this 2 hour walking tour a MUST DO on your visit.
Enter the world of the undead as our licensed guides take you for an unforgettable journey into the darkest ends of the French Quarter. Experience the legends of famous New Orleans vampires, real and fictional. Visit locations associated with these creatures of the night including a visit to a once Vampire Tavern!
Our famous Voodoo History Tours explores the mysterious world of Voodoo in New Orleans. This educational, historical walking tour dispels the Hollywood myths and stigma surrounding the most misunderstood and fear religions in the world. This tour visits actual Voodoo altars and tells the tales of Old New Orleans when a hysteria gripped the city for over one hundred years.
Enjoy a relaxing ride and experience the unique highlights of the Crescent City. Our tour provides an insider’s perspective, with opportunities to walk around on your own and take in the rich history.
Debby Glazier
Debby Glazier Illinois
I took the cemetery tour and the ghost tour. Both of them were informative and frankly, fantastic! I learned a lot of history and fun facts! Renee was our guide for the cemetery tour and she was Great! Great personality!
Claire Vieille
Claire Vieille Michigan
We took the Garden District Ghost Tour with Drew. It was fantastic! Not too many ghost stories, but a lot of history on the city, on the cemeteries, on some of the garden district houses. We highly recommend Drew as a guide. He is a fountain of knowledge and he is happy to answer all your questions, plus he makes the tour really fun!
Sharon L Scoggin
Sharon L Scoggin Texas
We loved the Ghosts and Legends Tour. The tour guide, Gabriel, was very knowledgeable and not just about the Lafayette Cemetery and the Garden District; but also about New Orleans in general, and he was able to answer all questions that we asked of him. He was warm, professional, welcoming and comical.
Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne
This is my third time on this vampire tour! It's sadly been about 10 years since I last went but it was better than ever! Gwydian was a fantastic story teller not only about the occult, but also the history of my favorite city. While I have been a few times I learned a lot more tonight that I had no clue about. Thanks to Gwydian for an awesome experience!!
Diane Student
Diane Student Florida
We did the Vampire Tour with Gwydion last night and it was amazing! Creepier than any ghost tour. We thought it would be hokey, but wanted to do something different. It was so not hokey and included things we hadn't expected like funiary and burial practices. We do tours everywhere and this has been one of our top 5 of all time. Meaning this is History Goes Bump Podcast approved!
Amy Rekowski
Amy Rekowski Wisconsin
My husband and I and our 2 friends went on the Haunted Pub Crawl tour. This tour really surprised us and it was so fun! We all learned so much and Doug, our guide, was phenomenal. Each of us were hanging on Doug's every word and didn't want the tour to end! Great drinks. Fascinating history. Excellent tour guide! A MUST when in NOLA!

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