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Haunted Hotels in the Crescent City: Where to Stay if You Dare—A Personal Guide by Sidney Smith of Haunted History Tours

Haunted Hotels in the Crescent City

Hey y’all, Sidney Smith here from Haunted History Tours. If you’re a thrill-seeker like me, you know there’s nothing like the allure of a haunted hotel. These places don’t just offer you a comfy bed and room service; they serve up chills and thrills, courtesy of their resident ghosts. Yes, you heard it right! I’m here to give you the lowdown on some of New Orleans’ most haunted hotels. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Hotel Monteleone

Let’s kick off our list with a hotel as luxurious as it is eerie: The Hotel Monteleone. Situated in the heart of the French Quarter, this grand dame has its own rotating carousel bar and a host of ghostly patrons. Guests have reported everything from flickering lights to eerie figures appearing in mirrors. A little boy named Maurice, who supposedly died in the hotel, is often seen playing in the halls. Trust me, after a nightcap at the carousel bar, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another realm.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Ever heard of the haunted ballroom? The Bourbon Orleans Hotel is home to the Orleans Ballroom, one of the oldest in the city, and it has its fair share of ghostly tales. It’s said that a lonely dancer in a beautiful ball gown haunts this place, forever waiting for her partner. If you’re lucky, you might even see her gliding across the ballroom floor, making you question whether it’s the after-effects of your sazerac or a real-life encounter with the beyond.

Le Pavillon Hotel

This hotel, located outside of the French Quarter, is a hauntingly beautiful gem. Built in the early 20th century, it carries a rich history and several spirits, including a young girl named Ada who’s often seen in the lobby and a couple who appear to be stuck in the 1920s. The hotel staff even put out PB&J sandwiches in the lobby at night, and some say it’s not just for the living guests!

Dauphine Orleans Hotel

The Dauphine Orleans is a special one. Imagine a haunted, yet charming boutique hotel with a beautiful courtyard and—you guessed it—ghosts! Some of the spirits said to haunt this hotel include Civil War soldiers and ladies of the evening from when the building was a bordello. A spectral figure named Millie is often seen wandering around, still waiting for her long-lost love. If you’re staying here, you might get more than just a mint on your pillow!

Omni Royal Orleans

Last but definitely not least is the Omni Royal Orleans. High society and hauntings mix seamlessly here. The most famous ghost is that of a maid, who is said to tidy up rooms unexpectedly. Guests have reported coming back to a neatly made bed even when the “Do Not Disturb” sign was hanging on the door. Now, that’s what I call service!

New Orleans is a city of stories, and our haunted hotels are an integral chapter in the narrative. Whether you’re an avid ghost hunter or just looking for some extra excitement during your stay, these hotels are sure to deliver. And don’t worry, our ghosts are mostly friendly, but if you do encounter one that’s a bit mischievous, it’s all part of the Crescent City charm.

So, are you ready for a sleepless night full of spine-tingling experiences? Remember, you can always join one of our Haunted History Tours to dive deeper into the ghost stories and legends that make our city one-of-a-kind. But for now, I dare you to book a room at one of these haunted hotels. Trust me; you’re in for a treat… or perhaps, a trick!

Until next time, stay haunted my friends!

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Haunted History Tours, New Orleans
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