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The Andrew Jackson Hotel: Hauntings from the Yellow Fever Epidemic

The Andrew Jackson Hotel

Hey, y’all! Sidney Smith here, the guy fortunate enough to be at the helm of Haunted History Tours. Today, let’s peel back the layers of history and dive deep into the enigmatic Andrew Jackson Hotel, a place that’s as much a part of New Orleans as the beignets at Café du Monde. Now, you may have heard the name “Andrew Jackson” and thought of the seventh U.S. President or the hero of the Battle of New Orleans. But there’s a lesser-known, far more chilling narrative entangled with this iconic French Quarter landmark.

Where History Mingles with the Unknown

Built on the site of a boys’ boarding school, the hotel doesn’t just boast vintage architecture and a lively atmosphere. It’s also a place where the past doesn’t rest easy. You see, during the 19th century, yellow fever was the grim reaper of New Orleans, and tragically, it claimed the lives of several boys at the boarding school. For a place that’s seen so much joy and sorrow, it’s no wonder that it’s got a few extra residents that you won’t find on the register.

The Eerie Echoes of the Epidemic

Yellow fever was no joke, y’all. When it hit, it hit hard. Fever, chills, and unbearable pain made the experience hellish for its victims, many of whom were just children. The boys’ boarding school that once occupied the hotel’s location was no stranger to this. I can’t help but feel my heart sink when I think about the young souls who were robbed of their futures by this horrific disease. As someone deeply involved in studying the city’s haunted history, it’s both a privilege and a responsibility to share these stories.

Why Are the Kids Still Playing?

I’ve heard countless accounts of guests waking up to the sound of laughter and footsteps pattering down the hallways. I’ve even had reports of objects being moved or even playful pranks played on the hotel staff. You’ve gotta wonder—why? Well, in my opinion, these spirits are children, after all. Could it be they are making up for lost time, trying to capture the joy and mischief that was cruelly taken from them?

The Weight of the Past

It’s fascinating and tragic, this mingling of history and hauntings. These occurrences are not mere spectacles; they’re echoes of lived experiences. The children may be long gone, but their laughter, their playful footsteps, and their mischievous pranks keep their memories alive. They remind us of a past that New Orleans, as a city, has endured and survived.

Unveiling the Mysteries

At Haunted History Tours, we take you beyond the tourist traps and clichés, delving into real stories and real accounts. I personally see it as a tribute to those who have left us, to share their stories and give them a voice, even if it’s a voice from beyond the grave. In the case of the Andrew Jackson Hotel, it’s about respecting and acknowledging a facet of New Orleans that’s not in your average history book.

The Andrew Jackson Hotel: More than Just a Hotel

So next time you’re in the French Quarter and you pass by the Andrew Jackson Hotel, take a moment. Think about the children who once roamed those halls, and who, in a way, still do. We’re talking about a place where history is as palpable as the humidity in a NOLA summer. If you’re intrigued and want to dig deeper, I invite you to join one of our tours. After all, the best way to understand a haunting is to experience it yourself.

Sidney Smith, signing off. Y’all take care now, and never forget that history, especially in New Orleans, is very much alive.

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