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Castles, Ghosts, & Vampires of Transylvania Tour

ALL INCLUSIVE - Includes 5 star hotel stay, meals, airfare, and attractions for as low as $3995 pp

Come discover the vampires and ghosts of mysterious Transylvania in one of the world’s most romantic settings complete with medieval castles, ancient cities, creepy monasteries with cemeteries, world class cuisine, and rich, colorful traditions. On this 10-day tour, you will get to not only visit 15 ancient and medieval castles in Transylvania but also stay in one of the haunted castles. Included in the tour are breakfasts and dinners every day that we are in Transylvania, in carefully-selected, top-rated restaurants – offering an array of traditional Tranyslvanian cuisine, but also modern international cuisine. Come over to romantic, mysterious, creepy, haunted, vampiric Transylvania, for the WOW experience of your lifetime. Email [email protected] for more info.

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